Experts’ Meeting on fire and haze consolidates knowledge and proposes long term solutions

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On 25 August, CIFOR convened an Experts’ Meeting on ‘Finding and Mainstreaming Long-Term Solutions to Fire and Haze’ in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, UNODC, and UNORCID. The meeting built on earlier discussions from CIFOR’s ‘Fire and Haze Workshop’ in January 2014.

The Experts’ Meeting held at the IPB Convention Center, Bogor brought together 39 practitioners with expertise in fire and peatland management, oil palm development and community-based forest management in Indonesia, particularly in the Riau province of Sumatra. Representatives from government, academia, civil society, international organizations and the private sector shared existing knowledge on the underlying drivers of fire, and discussed lessons learned to take long-term solutions forward.

The Experts’ Meeting generated a range of short to long term political actions that are needed to address and solve the fire and haze issue. The recommendations – available in English and Indonesian – were drafted by an Expert Panel that involved CIFOR, UKAID, UNORCID, UNODC, University of Riau, Bogor Agriculture University (IPB), World Bank, WWF, ICRAF, APRIL, Jikalahari, and NTFP-EP.

The recommendations are available in English and in Indonesian

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