New student joins CIFOR research team to understand media discourses in coverage of peatland fires and haze

Honors student Laura Jacob-Porters (University of Melbourne) joins CIFOR post-doctoral fellow Rachel Carmenta at CIFOR to conduct research into the media coverage of the fire and haze events in Riau, Indonesia in 2015. Laura’s work is also supervised by Wolfram Dressler of the University of Melbourne and Satyawan from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).

The research Meanings and implications of media discourse concerning transboundary haze in Indonesia will provide an analysis of the discourses presented in the media that relate to framings of the potential solutions to the peatland fires, and which stakeholders are held responsible for fires. The research will also focus on how peatland fires, actors and solutions are distinctly represented depending on the scale of reporting (e.g. local, national or international media) and offer insights into how the transboundary haze is framed at different levels of governance across ASEAN (from Riau to Jakarta to Singapore). The research provides an insightful extension of the Phase 1 research of the team that sought to identify the stakeholder perspectives related to the i) benefits and burdens and ii) potential solutions of the peatland fires in Riau.

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