Impacts of different upstream business models

What are the impacts of different upstream business models in the agriculture and forestry sector on sustainable development in tropical developing countries? A systematic map

Lead reviewer: George Schoneveld

Systematic review protocol: Environmental Evidence 2015, 4:1

The negative socio-economic and environmental impacts of large-scale land use change for plantation agriculture have led to calls for the promotion and adoption of more smallholder-oriented agricultural business models. However, this has been a largely normative debate to date, with important questions relating to the merits and demerits of different business models, the social, economic, and environmental trade-offs of preferencing certain models, and the conditions under which the different models can produce more inclusive and sustainable outcomes remaining underexplored. Through systematic mapping, this study aims to identify the nature, volume, and characteristics of empirical research conducted on these questions. In so doing, it seek to identify knowledge gaps to inform future research and identify sub-topics that warrant further review.

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