Visit and Discussion with Presidential Staff Office, universities and the young generations

During the Monitoring Phase CIFOR PAR CBFPR team hosted many visits from universities, school, and the Presidential Staff Office. The visit from Presidential Staff Office was conducted on 20 June 2019, where Prof. Herry Purnomo and team discussed about the efforts and incentives on fire prevention and peatland restoration in the local level.

Then, a visit from University of Maryland was hosted in 16 July 2019, where Dr. Silva stated her interest to carry out a social study at Dompas Village.

Figure 27 Visit from University of Maryland.

In 20 September 2019, CIFOR participated in online discussion hosted by the alliance of young generation focus on the environmental issue, named Green Generation. The online discussion theme was fire and haze in Riau.

Promotional poster (left) and screencapture of the online discussion (right).

Discussion with younger generation was also being carried out, where CIFOR give a brief overview of fire occurrence to the group of elementary schoolers on 31 October 2019.

Visit from group of Sinar elementary school.

A visit from University of Nusa Bangsa was hosted in 10 December 2019, where CIFOR shared its participatory action research including PAR CBFPR to the leader and lecturer of University of Nusa Bangsa.

Visit from University of Nusa Bangsa.