Day 1 - Wednesday, 3 August 2016    10.45 - 12.00   

Forests and the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement highlighted a strong role for forests in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and finding new opportunities for REDD+. This session discussed how the region can work together to support Nationally Determined Contribution commitments made under the Paris Agreement. The role of government was a particular focus, including approaches for policy, governance and regulations to sustainably manage forests.

The panel addressed the following issues:

  • The Paris Agreement has set ambitious goals to decrease global emissions. For the Asia-Pacific Region the Nationally Determined Contributions that have been developed by countries have included significant contributions from the forest sector. Would panelists like to comment on the challenges and opportunities for countries in the region in achieving these targets?
  • What approaches are available to governments to achieve these ambitious targets? This might include policy, governance and regulations?
  • Does the private sector have a role to play in achieving these ambitions?
  • Are there opportunities for greater collaboration across countries in the region to implement common approaches?