Organizations and forest and/or poverty programmes

PROFOR is a multi-donor partnership to enhance forests’ contribution to poverty reduction, sustainable development and protection of environmental services.

The World Bank’s poverty research website , which has a number of useful documents and tools (and after typing their web-address everything becomes easy on this page).

FAO’s forestry page , the main source for key statistics on forestry at national levels. More limited on local studies of poverty and forests, an exception is FAO Forestry Paper 149: “Better forestry, less poverty. A practitioner’s guide”, found at:

ODI Forest Policy and Environment Programme (FPEP) .

IIED’s Forestry and Land Use programme .

IUCN’s Forest Conservation Programme .

WWF’s Forest Conservation Programme .

The CGIAR Systemwide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRi) has several links and papers relevant for forest-poverty research, particularly related to local/community forest management.

The Rights and Resources Initiative is a global coalition to advance forest tenure, policy and market reforms.

Forest Trends is an international NGO which has particularly worked on how markets can expand the benefits from forests.

Funding Partners