Policy Briefs

The following PEN-related publications are authored by PEN partners or PEN resource people, and use PEN methods and/or data, or were at least partly funded by PEN

Jiao, X, Smith-Hall, C. and Theilade, I. (2016). Economic land concessions decrease rural household incomes in Cambodia. Policy Brief No. 02, Copenhagen Centre for Development Research, University of Copenhagen.

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Larsen, H.O., Rayamajhi, S., Smith-Hall, C., Treue, T., Meilby, H., Chhetri, B.B.K., Puri, L., Pokharel, R., Tiwari, K.R., Rutt, R., Walelign, S.Z. and Pouliot, M. (2015). Community forests can contribute more to rural Nepalese livelihoods. Policy Brief No. 02, Copenhagen Centre for Development Research, University of Copenhagen.

Reyes-García, V., Pyhälä, A., Guéze, M., Angelsen, A., Díaz-Reviriego, I., Fernández-Llamazares, Á., Gallois, S., Napitupulu L. (2015). “Local perceptions of wellbeing. Insights from the Global South” (LEK-Project Policy brief # 3). Available at http://icta.uab.cat/etnoecologia/lek

Lund, J.F., Chhetri, B.B.K. and Nielsen, Ø.J. (2012). The Public Finance Potential of Community Forestry: Evidence from Nepal.  Development Brief Policy No. 1 5, January 2 0 1 2, Forest & Landscape, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Koy, R., Lon, P. and Ouch C. (2011). Evaluating Household Forest Dependency: A case from Three Study Sites in Cambodia. Policy brief, No. 13. CDRI, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. http://www.cdri.org.kh/webdata/policybrief/2011/forestdependency1113e.pdf

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