“Changing seasons”: Using the radio to communicate and exchange knowledge about the fight against climate change in the Congo Basin forests

Information on climate change and its links with forests are not readily available in Central Africa. The concept of climate change and its processes evolve so quickly that decision makers are hard pressed to keep up. In addition, most of the available information is disseminated through very selective channels (scientific journals, articles, newsletters, websites, etc.) that do not always reach a wider audience. Radio remains the most accessible means of communication, because it is available to everyone and is relatively inexpensive.

“Changing seasons” is a CIFORCOBAM radio program that adopts a debate format. It is broadcast monthly by the national radio station, Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), which has nationwide coverage. Participants in the radio program are experts in their fields who are invited according to the topic of the month. This affords decision makers, local communities and other stakeholders the opportunity to participate, learn and interact on the issues of climate change and sustainable forest management in the Congo Basin.

For further diffusion in the Congo Basin region the program has been recorded in 4 languages: French, Kituba, Lingala and Pidgin English.

Frequencies in Cameroon:

  • Yaoundé 88.8 Mhz
  • Douala 89.2 Mhz
  • Bafoussam 91.1 Mhz
  • Ebolowa 89.2 Mhz
  • Bertoua 89.8 Mhz
  • Garoua 97.7 Mhz
  • Ngaoundéré 97.7 Mhz
  • Maroua 98.1 Mhz
  • Bamenda 89.4 Mhz