Noralinda Ibrahim

Noralinda Ibrahim

Act. Deputy Director, Forestry Department, Brunei Darussalam

Ms Noralinda Ibrahim has headed several sections of the Forestry Department, Brunei Darussalam. Currently, she is the Acting Deputy Director of the Department. She has been working closely with the ASEAN Regional Center for biodiversity (currently known as the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity).

She spearheaded the development of Ulu Temburong National Park which has received visitors from all over the world, including head of states, royalties, students and renowned scientists. Another of her initiatives is the rehabilitation projects of the peat swamp forests that were heavily burned due to El Nino effect. The project drew the interest of HRH Prince of Wales, who visited and planted a tree in commemoration of HRH’s visit. Another of her projects is the rehabilitation of an area at the Berakas Forest Reserve which has been blighted with forest fire over the years. The area has now been converted into a Biodiversity Park.

Ms Ibrahim graduated with BSc in Environmental Planning from East Anglia University, United Kingdom, and also received a certificate as a professional planner. She obtained her MSc in Rural Development from the School of African and Asian Studies, Sussex University, United Kingdom.

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