What’s new on the COBAM website

Visitors from the whole planet come to the site

Visitors from the whole planet come to the site

Alba Saray Pérez Terán

COBAM website has received over 15.000 visits from around the world since its creation. Thanks to the updates done in 2013, visitors increased on a 105.69% compared to the previous year. In addition, visitors spent more time within the site.

New videos on the COBAM website

Once again the COBAM website innovates for you. Indeed, after the publication of articles that could be downloaded and that you have certainly downloaded we are sure, here are some new videos to enjoy, to use and especially to share so that together we will be enough informed about this new problematic in order to better react to it (adaptation and mitigation).

The first video focuses on the potential impact of climate change on biodiversity. And under the guidance of leading experts like Dr. Rachid Hanna (IITA Director), Dr. Denis Sonwa (Senior Scientist CIFOR), Dr. Joseph Amougou ( MINFOF climate expert ) and Mr Norbert SONNE (WWF expert), chaired by Mr Alain Belibi ( CRTV Radio information Director), this issue was discussed thoroughly. We will leave it to your appreciation on the website…..

Second video discusses the importance of reducing the stock of carbon in the atmosphere and each of the interviewed experts presents its preferred strategy. Indeed, REDD +, forest management by local population, and synergies between adaptation and mitigation, are the lessening methods of global warming proposed in this video on the COBAM website. So, find us there to enjoy and comment.