Photos submitted and accepted for the competition automatically qualify for two categories of prizes:

Jury’s Choice Award

An international jury will evaluate all photographs based on their technical and aesthetic quality, and relevance to the topic of valuing Asia-Pacific rainforests. Winners will be announced on 28 July 2016. Based on the above assessment, the jury will select:

  • First-place winner — cash prize of USD 1,000 (one thousand dollars)
  • Second-place winner — cash prize of USD 500 (five hundred dollars)
  • Top 20 photographs (including first- and second-place winners):
    The top 20 photographs will be exhibited with full attributions in a public photo exhibition in Brunei’s capital city, Bandar Seri Begawan, to be visited by Summit participants and the general public.

Audience’s Choice Award

The photograph that receives the greatest number of online votes will win the Audience’s Choice Award, and a cash prize of USD 500 (five hundred dollars). Voting will take place via the voting gallery. The winner will be announced online on 8 August 2016.

Note: The photographs that win first and second place for the Jury’s Choice Award will no longer be qualified to win the Audience’s Choice Award.