23-25 April 2018 - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Wahjudi Wardojo

Senior Advisor to the Minister of Environment and Forestry. Senior Advisor for Conservation Policy, The Nature Conservancy

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Wahjudi Wardojo is Senior Advisor for Conservation Policy, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Indonesia. In this position he works closely with the TNC’s International Climate Policy Team at international, regional, and national levels. He is also a member of United Nations on Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)-Indonesia Chapter (2013), a member of the Netherlands Academy on Land Governance (LANDac)’ Land Forum of Utrecht University, Netherlands (2013), a member of Advisory Board for School of Life Sciences and Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology (2014-2017).

Before joining TNC in 2009, he was a Ministry of Forestry staff and since 2000 he was entrusted to hold high-level policy making positions in the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry as Ministry’s Secretary General, Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation, and Director General of Forestry Research and Development Agency.

He has vast international experiences in the field of forestry, forest-related and conservation activities and climate change. He was a member of Advisory Committee for Director General of UNESCO on Biosphere Reserve (2002-2005), Board of Trustees for Centre of International Forestry Research (CIFOR 2006-2009) and led Indonesian delegation to a number of international forestry-related meetings, eg. UNFCCC, UNFF, UNCBD, IUCN and FAO. Mr. Wardojo was Chairman of the ASEAN Senior Officials on Forestry (ASOF) in 2006. Dealing with forest climate-related activity he was a lead person of Indonesia Forest Climate Alliance (IFCA 2007-2008), a forum under the Ministry of Forestry worked with various stakeholders in preparing Indonesia readiness on REDD+.

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